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July 2, 2024
Top 6 Reasons to Learn to Sail in Mallorca

Learn to sail on the spectacular island of Mallorca and experience ideal sailing weather, stunning scenery, and a rich and vibrant culture. Reliable winds, sunny skies, smooth azure waters, and the exquisite Mediterranean coastline provide the perfect backdrop for enjoying an expert RYA sailing course with experienced instructors dedicated to giving you the adventure of a lifetime.

Rich in history and sailing tradition, the magical island of Mallorca offers everything new sailors need to get the best instruction in one of the world’s best locations for learning to sail. Here are the Top 6 reasons why you should choose Mallorca for the ultimate sailing and learning experience.

1. Mallorca features perfect sailing weather.

Palma de Mallorca sets the scene for ideal conditions to help beginning sailors get their sea legs while receiving high-quality RYA training from knowledgeable, experienced instructors. An average annual temperature of 18.2º C combined with reliable but gentle winds is just the right recipe for creating a fantastic environment for learning to sail.

Leave the wet weather gear at home—you won’t need them in Mallorca. Instead, pack sunglasses, sunscreen, and shorts and enjoy the 300 days of sunshine a year while learning to sail on the largest of Spain’s sunny, picturesque Balearic Islands. Mallorca’s 10-month sailing season provides flexibility and convenience that easily fits into your holiday planning.

2. Mallorca offers the best RYA Sailing Course options with the island’s best sailing instructors.

Learning to sail should be informative, but it should also be fun! RYA courses are designed to teach you the lifestyle and attitude you need, as well as the skills that are accepted and recognized worldwide. Train under the guidance of seasoned, environmentally-aware sailing professionals while immersing yourself in Mallorca’s world-renowned sailing hub. Unique RYA-certified training experiences are offered on and off the water on the sun-soaked island.

Sailing schools are the best way to learn how to feel and understand basic essential sailing techniques. Mallorca offers RYA-exclusive courses for every skill level, featuring pure sailing experiences for both beginners and those wishing to improve their skill set with more advanced training.  

Whether you are simply planning weekend getaways on a rented vessel with family and friends or dreaming of owning your own boat, learning to sail is the first step. Why not choose a luxurious setting and learn these life-changing skills while on holiday in Mallorca?

3. The scenery in Mallorca is stunning, especially when enjoyed from the water.

Soaking up the scenery is a vital part of the sailing experience. For thousands of years, sailors have ventured by sail on the crystalline, turquoise waters of Mallorca to experience the perfect combination of rugged adventure and exquisite beauty. Some of the island’s 200 beaches remain wild and untouched by tourists while the Spanish architecture, miles of vineyards, and limestone mountains bring character and intrigue to the magnificent coastline.

Adventurers can explore the secluded coves while marveling at the sprawling landscapes that look like works of art.  

Mallorca is a tranquil, peaceful, beautiful location for anyone, but it is especially appealing for sailing students who have the opportunity to enjoy the island from the unique vantage point of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. There are dozens of gorgeous sailing spots and plenty to do around Mallorca’s Balearic Islands.

An RYA training experience in Mallorca provides more than just the opportunity to learn sailing techniques. The island is lined with countless peaceful coves where sailors can seek refuge and rest from the open sea while taking a break from training. The experienced RYA instructors know the area well and can take you on a side adventure to one of the many secluded corners of the island. Dive off your deck into the translucent blue waters, or take a tender ashore to enjoy a barbeque or light lunch at one of the many local beachside restaurants.

Depending on how much time you spend in Mallorca, upon completing your sailing course you can explore the many coves on the east coast. Visit one of the many marinas in Palma de Mallorca, the beautiful capital of the Balearics, and enjoy a day bustling shopping centres in this lively Mediterranean city. Restaurants offer traditional Mallorcean and Spanish cuisine, classical architecture, and esteemed art galleries.

5. Learning to sail in Mallorca is an opportunity to bond with fellow sailors while having an experience of a lifetime.

Learning to be a competent crew member or learning to be a day skipper are enriching bonus features of learning to sail with an RYA course in Mallorca. It’s a fantastic and fun way to meet