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Mile building

Build Miles & Unforgettable Sailing Experiences
"Put your training to the test with exciting adventures through the Mediterranean and Atlantic while gaining experience from the best."
Mallorca sailing school worker

uilding miles is part of the Royal Yacht Association’s training criteria, and there is no better way to earn the nautical miles required than sailing on luxury modern yachts in ideal conditions and in absolutely stunning locations. And since you’ll be earning those miles with other like-minded students, you will have the time of your life!

If you are working toward Skipper and Yachtmaster certifications, Mallorca Sailing Academy can help you earn your miles in the most spectacular way! Arrange mile-building days and weekends through our amazing charters and RYA courses. There is no better way to gain experience on the sea than cruising on modern yachts through the stunning Mediterranean and beautiful Atlantic while learning from the most highly-qualified instructors.

With the guidance of an experienced skipper, you can sail on longer passages to earn miles with the added bonus of the most incredible destinations, such as Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera—which are all located at reasonable distances from each other to help you get accustomed to sea journeys in safe, predictable Mediterranean waters.

If a longer passage is what you desire, join us on an adventure to gorgeous Croatia. And if you are especially bold, sail beyond the Mediterranean borders into the grand Atlantic to the magnificent Canary Islands.

Here are just a few of our fantastic miles-building charters:

October 4th to the 11th 2024 | Palma Mallorca

Unveil the allure of the Balearic Islands with our exceptional sailing adventure. Navigate diverse waters, embrace camaraderie, and enhance your skills. Discover comfortable accommodations and a journey to suit all levels of experience. Your unforgettable nautical experience awaits.

6 days and nights, all-inclusive.

Experience perfect sailing in the Mediterranean, cruise the Balearic Islands from Palma to the stunning island of Ibiza. This 6-day cruise will build miles in varied conditions with others around your same skill level. An experienced captain will be your guide on an unforgettable trip.

5 days and nights, all-inclusive.

Menorca, sail to one of the Balaeric Island’s smallest treasures, be part of a fun crew led by an experienced skipper sailing from Palma. Build your skills and your miles on this breathtaking 5-day excursion.

20 days and nights, all-inclusive.

Depart from Palma heading for the open Atlantic and the Canary Islands. Rack up 1400 miles on this awesome trip—from Palma de Mallorca to, Las Palmas. The 20-day trip will provide you with a variety of offshore sailing challenges and conditions.