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RYA courses & certification for all sailors
“I couldn’t imagine a better place to have learned the ropes and improved my sailing skills.”

f you want a full range of fun, exciting, hands-on Royal Yachting Academy sailing courses with the most perfect sailing conditions and spectacular weather, look no further than the awesome RYA course portfolio of Mallorca Sailing Academy.

Our courses are taught by friendly, highly-experienced instructors on our remarkable fleet of modern sailing yachts right here on the stunning island of Mallorca. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, everything you need to know is right here.  We have the most comprehensive descriptions of all the fun RYA courses and the most engaging environment to learn how to sail.

We won’t stop with the basics. Each course builds your skills and helps you achieve all your sailing goals. We are committed to helping our students learn with a hands-on approach and will help you follow your sailing dreams as far as you want to take them.

For a unique sailing experience unlike any offered on the planet, get your certification and training from instructors of the Royal Yacht Association—the world’s oldest and leading sailing education authority for leisure and professional boaters. RYA courses are internationally-recognised with the highest standards for sailing instruction.

Choose Mallorca Sailing Academy and get ready to sail the seas like a pro while meeting fun new mates who share your sailing goals and spirit of adventure. Join the ranks of other ambitious sailors who want to experience sailing in the fabulous sun-soaked island of Mallorca.

Which of these fantastic courses are you ready to take?

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First-time sailors can get a taste of the sailing experience in a safe environment with highly-skilled instruction. Learn the basic sailing fundamentals, knot tying skills, and elementary yacht essentials in this two-day beginners course.

Beginning sailors who want to become an active crew member will step up their skills to a new level with this fun, mostly hands-on 5-day course that is action packed with expert instruction on how to steer, handle sails, serve a watch, row a dinghy, and participate in all of the day-to-day duties onboard.

Spend five fun days on a modern yacht and make the transition from crew to skipper with this popular RYA course. Learn practical hands-on skills like sea preparation, navigation, yacht handling, mooring, changing sails, passage planning, crew leadership, and how to sail at night.

Upgrade your skills to the next level while developing competency on coastal night passages, weather mapping, and passage planning. The obvious next step from RYA Day Skipper, the Coastal Skipper course prepares sailors for the Yachmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence.



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