Palma to Canarias

20 days and nights, all-inclusive.

The open ocean awaits you. Depart from one Spanish archipelago and finish in another, far beyond Mediterranean waters.

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20 days and nights, all-inclusive.

Sleeps 4 / 8
4 double cabins
3 Bathrooms

ross from the Mediterranean into the majestic Atlantic Ocean on this testing yet rewarding journey, providing the ultimate sailing experience as you build your miles towards your next RYA certification across 3 legs, from Palma de Mallorca to Gibraltar, on to Madeira, finishing in the capital of the famous Canary Islands, Las Palmas. This trip will immensely improve your sailing abilities as we traverse a variety of challenging conditions across large spanses and learn more about offshore passage-making techniques, watch systems, and offshore safety.

Trip legs:

• Palma de Mallorca – Gibraltar

• Gibraltar – Madeira

• Madeira – Las Palmas

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