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Mallorca Sailing Academy provides an exciting and fun sailing education experience for all skill levels in the sunny Balearic Islands.

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Become a sailor

Whether it is simply taking friends and family out for a day on the sea, becoming the captain of a charter, or dreaming of crossing entire oceans, reach your sailing goals by taking fun RYA courses with Mallorca Sailing Academy.

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Payment plans

Please inquire with a team member about payment plans for your course.

Note that courses must be scheduled at least 6 months in advance to qualify for payment plans.

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Set sail on an unforgettable adventure with our meticulously crafted sailing packages, tailored to suit every level of experience and interest. Whether you're dreaming of a serene coastal cruise, an exhilarating regatta, or an immersive sailing expedition, our diverse range of packages offers something for everyone. Discover the perfect blend of luxury, excitement, and education as you navigate stunning waters and create lasting memories.

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Adventure Awaits

Mile Building

Building miles is part of the sailing training experience. It’s also a requirement for the more advanced RYA courses. No worries—Mallorca Sailing Academy has many fun, exciting opportunities for sailors to build miles and gain valuable experience on the sea with a crew and with the assistance of an experienced skipper.


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Do you do professional qualifications

Currently not at the moment

Do you do theory courses

Yes online via our partners Ardent

Can I do the Start Yachting course

We have not been doing these to date but will be looking at them over the summer running from Friday afternoon to Sunday

Do you do the Yachtmaster course

We do a 5 day Yachtmaster preparation however we need 6 weeks notice to book the external examiner, however you need to meet the qualification miles and theory exam before starting the preparation course

Do you teach motor courses especially the PB2

Not currently but we hope to offer them soon

Do you do a course for the ICC

If you do the Day Skipper you can then apply to the RYA and for a small fee they will issue an ICC

What language/s are the courses taught in?

All RYA courses are taught in English, so we recommend at least a conversational level (B2). If you have difficulty understanding or speaking English, please get in contact with us before undertaking a course.

I have no experience and want to be a Yachtmaster

You need to apply to a school that does the zero to hero courses, there are a couple on mainland Spain

How much experience do I need to do the Competent Crew

You should have some experience either on keel boats or dinghys preferrably but not essentially

How much experience do I need to do the Day Skipper

You need to be a competent sailor preferrably with the CC qualification or a lot of experience

DO I need to do the theory to do the Day Skipper

Yes generally you must do the theory unless you also hold an equivalent qualification

Can I do DS and Coastal Skipper back to back

No since you would not meet the minimum requirements for CS

Can I do CC and DS back to back

NO this is not encouraged at all and would only be applicable to experienced sailors

Can I do a split course

Yes though it must be agreed in advance with your instructor

Do you run female only courses

Currently we do not have a female instructor but can instruct female only crews if the whole boat is booked

Can I have a private cabin

There are 3 cabins and there can be up to 6 people on board and some sharing will be necessary if all wish to stay on board

Is the course always on the vessel, can I stay ashore

There is a requirement to do some of the course overnight but most nights we return to the dock

Can my kids come on the course

No our minimum age is 17 years

Do you do private courses

Yes but it requires you to supply a boat or to charter ours

I have my own sailboat, can I use it for my training?

Yes, we can arrange for a private instructor for an additional cost. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Can I have a private cabin on my mile builder

If you pay extra you can secure a cabin for sole use

When is the next mile builder

We will be doing mile builders after the peak season

Where are you based in Mallorca

In the main harbor of Palma

Where do you sail to

The courses are usually in the Bay of Palma but may include longer trips which are totally weather dependent

What type of boat do you use

Will be a Beneteau 46

Do I need a jacket

Yes you will need a jacket and non-marking shoes

What meals will I get

Whatever you cook we cannot supply food and you must inform us of allergies in advance, if we are leaving the dock for an extended sail we will ask you to contribute to provisioning costs or recommend you buy your own ingredients, all utensils are provided

What bedding do you supply

If you stay on the boat it is mandatory to use our bedding there is a charge of 20 euros per person

What do I need to bring

List is provided on the introduction mail but all safety equipment is provided

Can I smoke on board during courses and mile builders?

No, unfortunately we don’t allow smoking on any of our boats by students or instructors.

What will I learn

You will be taught the RYA syllabus and given ample opportunity to put those skills to practical use

Can my non-sailing partner join the course

We are really only able to take active participants the exception being if the entire boat is booked

What health restrictions do you have

You must be able to self-rescue and be of reasonable mobility

Do you have any jobs going

Not currently but please send your CV and we will keep it on record

Is the cost of fuel included in the course fee?

Yes, fuel costs form part of the fees of all courses taught at Mallorca Sailing School.

Do I need to take out sailing insurance?

Insurance is included in the course price and will cover you while you’re on the boat. However, we advise you to take standard travel insurance for the rest of your trip, covering things like luggage, health, and flights.