1. Start Yachting


Whether it’s simply taking friends and family out for a day on the sea, becoming the captain of a charter, or dreaming of crossing entire oceans, reach your sailing goals by taking fun RYA courses with Mallorca Sailing Academy.

If an exciting sailing adventure is what you crave, but you’ve never had any sailing training, you’ll find the two-day, hands-on RYA Start Yachting course the perfect way to learn the sailing fundamentals you need to get started. This beginner’s course provides a fun introduction without the boring classroom setting. First-time sailors will hop onboard a modern, luxury yacht in gorgeous Mallorca and get a taste of the fantastic sailing lifestyle.

Even if you’ve never been on a yacht, you’ll have a wonderful time discovering whether sailing is something you want to pursue. Highly-skilled instructors teach you the basics of sailing and practical boating skills that will whet your appetite with an enriching sailing experience.

RYA Start Yachting is a perfect introduction for beginners to feel exactly what it’s like to sail with reliable, favourable winds in the stunning Balearic Islands. The course provides a safe environment for beginners. You can watch and learn, or you can participate as much as you feel comfortable. Either way, you’ll gain valuable skills like tying basic knots, handling the sails, and operating the elementary features of a yacht.

When you feel ready to take the wheel, the experienced instructors will show you what it’s like to steer a modern yacht. The hands-on training makes the first-time sailing experience exciting, and you’ll have a blast with your yacht mates in the spectacular setting of picturesque Mallorca.

RYA Start Yachting is a practical two-day jumpstart to an invigorating real-world sailing experience. Learn what it’s really like to actively sail a yacht rather than simply being a passenger along for the ride. In addition to learning the basic sailing fundamentals, this course will also teach you some safety essentials and introduce you to important water etiquette. You’ll even learn a few simple sailing maneuvers that experienced sailors use every day.

Beginning sailors will experience a genuine sailing encounter and catch a glimpse of the sailing lifestyle whilst having a fun weekend on the water with new friends. As a bonus, you’ll develop enough confidence and knowledge to continue your sailing training in the more advanced RYA courses, if that’s what you want to do. For example, RYA Start Yachting is the perfect course to prepare you for RYA Competent Crew.

What you’ll learn?

Anatomy of a Sailing Boat

Vessel States

Sailing Etiquette


Man-Overboard Protocol

Emergency Equipment

Weather Basics


Experience a genuine sailing encounter during two fun-filled days (over a weekend) of expert instruction.

Experience Required

You should be in good physical shape, but you don’t have to have any sailing skills at all to take this course. It’s designed especially for beginners.

What’s included

  • Two full days of lessons and a night’s accommodation abroad the yacht
  • Tuition from a qualified, professional instructor
  • Crisp linen, a duvet, a pillow and two towels
  • A lightweight waterproof jacket
  • Insurance while aboard
  • Food and drinks while aboard, including lunch, dinner, and some well-deserved wine and beer after a fun day’s sailing
  • All mooring and fuel costs

Please note that the price of the course does not include accommodation onshore, travel insurance, and any other trip expenses.

What to bring?

Sailors learn quickly that weather conditions can change without warning. It’s rarely dangerous, however, you should come prepared with a variety of clothing to accommodate warm weather as well as chilly or wet conditions. You’ll be exposed to the elements, so don’t forget sun protection, sunglasses, and non-slip shoes. This list of sailing essentials will give you more information on what you should be sure to bring with you.


The course begins at 10 a.m. on the Saturday and should be completed by 6 p.m. on the following Sunday.

Day One:

  • Introduction and run through safety basics
  • Familiarisation with key parts of the yacht
  • Lunch
  • Sailing etiquette
  • Setting sail
  • Wind directions
  • Ropework
  • Anchoring
  • Mooring

Day Two:

  • Revision of Day 1 theory
  • Setting sail
  • Broader meteorology
  • Ropework
  • Anchoring
  • Mooring

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