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A Sailing School Like No Other
"Bringing together sailors from all corners of the globe for an enriching and eco-friendly learning experience."

hether you are stepping onboard a sailboat for the first time, wanting to learn how to become part of a crew, or ready to be the captain of your own ship, Mallorca Sailing Academy offers just the right combination of fun, excitement, adventure, and high-quality Royal Yacht Association sailing instruction in one of the most spectacular settings on the planet.

Visit Palma de Mallorca in Spain’s stunning Balearic Islands to enjoy the hundreds of miles of picturesque coastline while you learn to sail in ideal wind and weather conditions with highly-skilled RYA-certified professionals. You’ll have the time of your life with other sailors who are also ready for the ultimate adventure.  

Mallorca Sailing Academy was founded by a fun group of environmentally-aware sailing experts who will make sure you have a pure sailing experience while also having a blast in the breathtaking Mediterranean. Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned sailor, the Mallorca Sailing team will help you safely learn and practice the art of sailing in the comfort and security of one of the beautiful yachts in our modern fleet.

We offer several official RYA training and certification courses focused on the discipline of sailing (no motorboat courses) and provide many cool and exciting opportunities to build miles toward the higher classifications. Beginners get their first taste of the sailing life in the protected waters of the stunning Mediterranean while experienced yachtsmen and women can go as far as their dreams take them.

Mallorca Sailing Academy is unique with its focus on building bonds with fellow ship mates while fostering a sense of onboard community among trainers and students—creating  a learning experience unlike any other.

Why Learn to Sail in Mallorca?

Experience ideal sailing weather, stunning scenery, and a rich and vibrant culture when you learn to sail on the spectacular island of Mallorca. The plush tropical setting and exquisite Mediterranean coastline is the perfect landscape for expert RYA sailing training.

With 300 days of sunshine every year, Mallorca is the heart of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and boasts a long history and rich spirit of maritime exploration. For thousands of years, sailors have flocked to this rugged paradise to enjoy the fruits of the land and revel in its unique beauty—from the crystalline waters skirting the island to the sprawling landscapes that reward journeyers on its mountaintops.

Both local and international communities come together to enjoy the welcoming culture, peaceful coves, endless beaches, bustling shopping centres, restaurants offering traditional Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine, classical architecture, and esteemed art galleries.

And with the generous, reliable winds all year round, Mallorca is a sailor’s paradise and an ideal spot for learning how to sail.  It’s also a fantastic place for a fun, relaxing holiday. Dive into the translucent blue waters and enjoy a day or two with fellow sailors in a secluded corner of the island.

What are you waiting for?

Book your course today and enjoy the reliable winds, sunny skies, smooth azure waters, and the unbelievably beautiful Mediterranean coastline. It’s the perfect backdrop for enjoying an expert RYA sailing course with experienced instructors dedicated to giving you the adventure of a lifetime.

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